Daily Journal Top Women Lawyers for 2023

We’re honored to announce our very own Deborah Chang has been named one of Daily Journal’s Top Women Lawyers of 2023. Congratulations Deborah! Thank you for being such an inspiration to other women lawyers. We are so proud to work with you and see the impact you make on our community every day.

Top Women Lawyers 2022

We are proud to announce that Deborah Chang has been named one of Daily Journal's Top Women Lawyers for 2022. Her commitment and passion for justice shine brightly on every case, with every client and throughout every trial. Congrats, Deborah!

Deborah Chang Honored by Daily Journal

Deborah has been named to the Daily Journal Top Women Lawyers 2021 and Top Plaintiff Lawyers 2021. The work of Deborah Chang is never done. Even when the legal industry was forced to slow down in 2020, she pushed to find new ways to keep the fight for justice going and worked tirelessly to...

Deborah Chang to Take Helm of Consumer Attorneys Group

When Brian J. Panish stood before an audience at the Consumer Attorneys of California Convention in 2014, he referred to Deborah S. Chang by a nickname she had earned around the office: Changzilla. “It was just a combination of her energy and passion,” Panish told The Daily Journal recently. “She’s just a separate being, like...

Top Plaintiffs 2020

We are so proud of our very own Deborah Chang for being named in the Daily Journals Top Plaintiff Attorneys of 2020. Congratulations, Deborah!